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[Product Image] Red and White Muscadine

Muscadines are sometimes thought of as American wild grapes, the native species Vitis rotundifolia which grows only in the hot, humid southern United States. Unlike most other grape species, muscadines are highly resistant to most fungal, bacterial, and insect infections requiring very little if any chemical spray applications making them a naturally organic fruit.

Muscadines seem almost a distant cousin of what most people believe to be a grape.   The thick skins and numerous seeds can frustrate the modern grape eater who is spoiled by thin-skinned, seedless grapes!  Hundreds of cultivars have been registered in three colors: black, bronze and red.     

It was a popular grape used to make wine during prohibition since anyone in the south could walk into the forests and river bottom land and find them easily.  Today, Muscadine are grown in modern vineyards yet still growing wildly and harvested August through September.  Muscadines have a fruity, delicate aroma and taste.   Muscadines are used for a variety of food products: wine, fresh fruit, jams, jellies, pies, and nutritional supplements.


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